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Everyone Hates Comic Sans

Font is not just something AP Comp Teachers get to be snobbish about, it's actually something lots of real people think about. And guess what? They all hate comic sans too. Maybe we're all just font snobs and that's okay. In fact, you should be too! (bandwagon fallacy)

To continue your indoctrination, please watch THIS, read THIS and maybe also THIS.

If you feel so inclined, I would suggest taking up the Comic Sans game as illustrated below. In fact, I might just base your entire grade on your participation. (argumentum ad baculum or "appeal to force" also just plain old manipulation)


There's objectionable material in the cartoon and I just noticed it now. At 4:30pm. Sorry if you were offended. Er, this is a college course, get over it! Except that I feel bad...

So I censored it.

Because if you don't play the game and -- oh the horror! --  use Comic Sans then this will happen:

(And you thought the font assignment/discussion was silly! Ha!)
Die Comic Sans, die.


  1. I did the world a favor, and killed 32 comic sans!

  2. Not the best idea to post content from C&H if you want it to lack "objectionable material."



    Great stress relief for AP Comp. Maybe some extra credit for a high score?

  4. How high of a score are we talking?

  5. Let's just say I got a score of 96.

    And it's kind of a huge deal.