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Please view the prezi on Modernism and take good notes. You are responsible for learning and remembering this information. Also, you should praise me for making such a beautiful prezi.

Modernism Prezi

You're working your way through NaPoWriMo, and soon you'll be thinking about your portfolio project so there are lots of things up in the air. I am aware of this, but you will still have some homeworky things to do from time to time. Your pastiche poem (you got the handout today in class) is due Thursday, and as we begin reading The Waste Land, you'll have some things to do in preparation for class and as extensions of our conversations. But it is amazing so get over it.



Hey poets,

First of all, your poems today were awesome! I know we still have to hear the others--we'll do that on Monday. Next week we're going to take a stroll through literary romanticism. To prepare for it, please click through this prezi and take notes on the content using the sheet I gave you in class. Expect this content to show up on a quiz, so pay attention to it!

Romanticism Prezi

Remember, the other part is to bring in a contemporary example of one of the ideas of romanticism. This example could be a song, a poem, a work of art, a film, an object--whatever, you decide.

Also, go to the poetry slam on Saturday. It will be rad.

Happy weekend.